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How to test the strength of your relationship

I wrote these two quotes the other day thinking about the focus of relationships and why marriage is seen in…

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Choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring – In 10 Simple Steps

Find the perfect soulmate who’s “the one”. Check. Ask her parents for her sacred hand in marriage. Check. Plan a…

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3 Tips To Help Let Go of Single Mother Habits That Hurt Relationships

  Do you struggle with allowing your significant other to help you with the things that you are use to…

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Broken Crayons

The other day I was doing a deep cleaning of my house before winter sets in, a necessary evil when…

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11 Lies I Once Believed as a Christian

As a kid growing up, I had trouble believing in God because there were so many things being taught that…

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Good Girl Gone Bad

One of the most amazing things is how fast a female can change. Many of us are convinced that we would…