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3 Things You Need to Know About Co Parenting and Blended Families

Let’s talk about something that can possibly break down barriers and push forth a broader perspective in areas that need…

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Choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring – In 10 Simple Steps

Find the perfect soulmate who’s “the one”. Check. Ask her parents for her sacred hand in marriage. Check. Plan a…

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I Will Marry You In My Pajamas

Recently, I started planning for my wedding. Don't give me that look; you are either planning as well, thinking about…

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Broken Crayons

The other day I was doing a deep cleaning of my house before winter sets in, a necessary evil when…

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11 Lies I Once Believed as a Christian

As a kid growing up, I had trouble believing in God because there were so many things being taught that…

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The Art of Thankfulness

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and even though we know the theme of thankfulness, putting it into practice is not…